Buffet Crampon Tosca in low C

Buffet Crampon bass clarinet, Tosca BC1195 model, in low C. Grenadilla body, silver-plated bocal, bell and keys, with case.


Key: Bb
Body: Grenadilla (Dalbergia Melanoxylon)
Bore: New Tosca bore design
Tenons: Metal-capped
Neck: Synthetic cork on tenon with neck adjusting screw
Keys (design): 24 silver-plated keys with Tosca design
Keys (sytem): Unique register key system (bright Bb), rubber dampers for soundless key action
Thumb key: adjustable with new thumb key system
Keys: New double low D and Eb, articulated G#, Eb lever
Pads: Leather, leather with metal resonators, cork
Case: Backpack High-Tech carbon fiber

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  • BC1195-2-0
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This professional bass clarinet from Buffet Crampon is derived from the famous models produced before 1998, it subtly blends traditional standards with today's technology.

Its luminous and centered timbre, complemented by its unique and unprecedented precise Bb mechanism (René Hagmann creation based on Ernst Schmidt's principle), allows the musician to exploit the entire bass clarinet repertoire with a fantastic feeling of freedom and confidence. His new Tosca keys, silent and intuitive, frees the artist from the usual constraints inherent to the lower body's key movements and plateaus.

The new two-twelfth keying separated from the Bb throat allows for greater homogeneity of timbre and intonation on the passage to the bugle, including the Eb. The resumption of a slightly smaller bore brings a very dense and centered, very defined timbre. Beautiful Grenadilla pieces are used for both bodies, while the bell and jar are silver-plated copper.

2 years warranty from our workshop.