Roy Benson BH-301

Roy Benson Baritone, model BH-301, 12.8-15.5 mm bore, 3 stainless steel pistons, 210 mm bell, clear lacquer finish, with case.

Roy Benson BH-301

Key : Bb
Brass body
Goldbrass leadpipe
Nickel-silver outer tuning slide linings
Bell diameter: 210mm
Dual bore: 12.80mm – 13.50mm
Piston valves (3): stainless-steel
Lacquered finish
Mouthpiece: included
Case: included

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The Roy Benson BH-301 is a great starter.

Easy to play, the Roy Benson BH-301 features stainless-steel piston valves for added robustness and durability. This versatile instrument is very fluid and generates a rich and mellow sound therefore meeting the requirements of both beginners and more advanced musicians.

With a 2-year warranty from our workshop