Vandoren Saxophone Mouthpieces

Undisputed leader of the clarinet mouthpiece market, Vandoren offers various series for all saxophone registers. Wether you attend classes at a Musical Academy or play in a Harmony orchestra or that a more modern repertoire appeals to you, we have a Vandoren mouthpiece for you in the substantial inventory we maintain.

Vandoren Saxophone Mouthpieces

V5, Optimum, V16 ebonite, V16 metal

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V5 Series, in ebonite, for classical and Harmony Orchestra repertoire

S27 (soprano): Easy to play, homogeneity of sound, beautifully rounded.
A27 (alto): The classic mouthpiece. It produces optimal homogeneity in tone throughout the whole range.
A28 (alto): The alto saxophone reference in the V5 series. Rich sound, color, brilliance, and dynamic range.
T27 (tenor): A comfortable mouthpiece, particularly precise in the upper harmonic register.
B27 (baritone): Very homogeneous tone throughout the tessitura.

Optimum Series, in ebonite, to meet the expectations of today’s saxophone players

SL3 (soprano): Very easy blowing, particularly versatile, meets all requirements.
SL4 (soprano): Slightly more open than the SL3, this mouthpiece rapidly became a standard with saxophonists.
AL3 (alto): With its exceptional roundness, the ultimate classical mouthpiece.
AL4 (alto): A little more open than the AL3, while maintaining the sound aesthetic of the Optimum series.
TL3 (tenor): Mellowness, depth and precision.
TL4 (tenor): A bit more open than the TL3, a richer well focused timbre.
BL4 (baritone): Versatile mouthpiece, suits both classical and jazz.

V16 Series, in ebonite, inspired by the sound of the greatest Jazz players from the 50’s to present

A6 (alto, available in S+ et M chambers): The most played mouthpiece, in every style.
A7 (alto, available in S+ et M chambers): The perfect balance in power and dynamic range.
A8 (alto, available in S+ et M chambers): An open mouthpiece with qualities like the A6.
T6 (tenor, available in S+ et M chambers): Versatile mouthpiece with a long facing and a particularly rich sound.
T7 (tenor, available in S+ et M chambers): A good compromise between easy sound production and timbre.
T8 (tenor, available in S+ et M chambers): The most popular tip opening for the tenor.

V16 Series, made from legendary “Bell Brass”, 24-karat gold-plated.

T6 (tenor, available in M et L chambers): A very versatile mouthpiece with a medium tip opening. Recommended for use with the JAVA and ZZ reeds # 3.
T7 (tenor, available in S and M chambers): An excellent balance between opening and facing length: this is the reference model for the S and M chambers.
T8 (tenor, available in S+ and M chambers): Particularly recommended for use with the JAVA “Filed - Red Cut” and V16 reeds # 3.