Jody Jazz Saxophone Mouthpieces

World-renowned Jazz saxophonist Jordan « Jody » Espina has seen first-hand what the right saxophone can do for your sound and playing. Expert hand finishing combined with state-of-the art 3D design techniques and CNC machining creates saxophone mouthpieces of unparalleled sound, playability and beauty. Every JodyJazz mouthpiece is individually gauged and play-tested to guarantee the most consistent, highest quality saxophone mouthpiece available today.

Jody Jazz Saxophone Mouthpieces

DV, DV NY, DV CHI, Giant, Jet, Super Jet, HR*

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We have selected the following models for you:

The DV Series (for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone): Each mouthpiece in the DV Series of 24kt Gold Plated Metal Saxophone Mouthpieces delivers free blowing power with an unusually full tone. The DV's do not sacrifice a big full saxophone sound for power. In the JodyJazz DV, nature, science and imagination have combined to create a revolutionary new saxophone mouthpiece, Jody Espina has created this patented design using proportions found in nature.

The DV NY Series (for alto, tenor and baritone): The DV NY produces a darker, less bright tone than the more contemporary sound of the DV. The deep baffle/chamber design of the DV NY produces a beautiful Classic Jazz sound reminiscent of the masters of the 50’s and 60’s. While having slightly more resistance than the DV, the DV NY is considered a very free blowing saxophone mouthpiece. The effortless vintage sound!

The DV CHI (for tenor): The DV CHI produces a darker, less bright tone than the contemporary sound of the Jody Jazz DV, but a considerably brighter more modern tone than the DV NY. The beautifully shaped baffle/scalloped chamber design of the DV CHI allows the player to push more air through the mouthpiece without experiencing any harshness. It produces a tone that is reminiscent of Dexter Gordon but is quite at home in a contemporary situation.

The Giant (for tenor): The Giant tenor introduces a new concept in saxophone mouthpiece design that we call “Stealth Metal” combining the outside shape and look of a hard rubber mouthpiece with the precision of Aerospace Grade Hard Anodized Aluminum. The Giant has a dark, big saxophone sound but with strong projection and cut. The JodyJazz Giant is excellent for Jazz, Straight Ahead, Bebop, Big Band, even Rock, Funk, and Blues. Due to its versatility, it can blend nicely with a concert band or saxophone quartet. Big, complex, timeless!

The Jet Series (for alto, tenor and baritone): The Jet is a bright saxophone mouthpiece with excellent projection, extra easy altissimo register and yet can be played with a warm versatile feel. It is a free blowing, easy and fun to play mouthpiece that captures the full range of tonal qualities of the instrument. It has a clean, focused sound with strong projection and cut, while maintaining extraordinary versatility. The Jet is a great saxophone mouthpiece that appeals to a very broad variety of players.

The Super Jet Series (for alto and tenor): The Super Jet is a very contemporary sounding mouthpiece with many characteristics Jody Jazz has not offered in their range up until this time. It’s going to give you more power, more edge and more altissimo. But as with all of their mouthpieces it is beautifully free blowing with enough bottom in the sound to make it more versatile than many mouthpieces in this category of small chamber pieces. Super fun to play, anyone who likes plenty of volume and cutting power will love this series.

The HR* Series (for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone): The HR Star produces a beautiful warm sound with free blowing ease. This Hard Rubber Saxophone Mouthpiece features a round, medium size chamber. The HR Star is suited for Traditional Jazz, Big Band, Straight-Ahead and Bebop, but also has enough power for more modern styles. This is a favorite of band directors for its ability to blend in with a section.