At Servette-Music, you are in a specialized shop where each instrument is carefully selected, scrupulously set up and inspected by our factors and/or our specialists.

We will advise you on tone, help you try our instruments and even lend them to you to allow you to test them at home or in your rehearsal room—because there is no best test than in your own environment.

In addition, you benefit from a full warranty during 2-year (1 year for the used instruments), top-notch customer service and additional set up throughout the warranty period.

Finally, if we don’t have the instrument of your dreams or the accessory you need in our stock, we will order them. Thanks to our network, we can get any brand and product from official distributors. We will process your requests very quickly and allow to follow-up your orders easily.

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  • Brand: Vemuram
Vemuram Jan Ray

Founded with the purpose of creating the ultimate pedal overdrive/distortion, Vemuram designs and offers pedals completely worthy of its claims, entirely handcrafted in Japan. Basing its production on a sharp expertise of tone and knowledge of the needs and desires of guitarists, and crafting pedals with high quality components and high quality workmanship, Vemuram is deeply rooted in the boutique spirit, from its values to its products.

Vemuram Myriad Fuzz

Vemuram guitar effect pedal, Myriad Fuzz model. Switch from silicon to germanium with a flick of a switch.

Vemuram Shanks ODS-1

Vemuram effect pedal, Shanks ODS- model. Transparent overdrive that recreates the Nobles ODR-1.