Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop Limited 65 Relic, RW, Black

What a superlative guitar this Limited ’65, one of the best we have had in our shop. The black finish is perfect and the relic, a light relic to be honest, is very well executed. The selected alder body and the « quartersauwn » maple neck with its “round lam” fretboard are amongst the most resonant guitars that we have had.

The 9.5 radius and the typically ’60s neck profile is extremely enjoyable, with gives this model an exceptional playability, very typical of the 1965 models, considered by most to be still under the pre-CBS era. The “round lam” fretboard brings the mellow sound of the rosewood, but being thin, it allows this guitar to rattle like a real Strat, light and with a strong tone, as we like them for being unique. A true marvel, very well balanced guitar.

The vintage hardware is well done and very credible, the balance between pickups is perfect. This replica is new and delivered with an original Fender case Custom Shop Limited Edition, original accessories and the authentic certificate, as well as our 2 year warranty.